December 3, 2011

Always, sometimes and never

just read one of my favs blog, here!
feels like posting the same as she does. about who you are.
it's about me. believe or not, by the time we write something about ourselves, we could reveal who we are actually, we could just knew that we are this type of person, who likes this and that, who hates this and that.
by only listing some, here it goes. 

I always:
love to stare on something beauty and perfect
seek my fiance's attention towards me in anyway
spend too much time on other things in front of my lappy instead of writing thesis
love to swim
buy new dress/ shirts
appreciate my friends happy in my presence
love to travel as far as i could
enjoy a good driving
open multiple tabs, especially blogs and forums
give a try to something new. e.g: foods, outdoors. 
love to sit back and relax under a tree by the beach
love balik kampung
wish to amend STPM exam slip and re-sit the exam 
love C-RVs 

I sometimes:
could cry without reasons
no feelings watching my room untidy
sick of eating
very eager to have an aquarium perfectly set in my room
can't wait to get married and have a pleasing life
pass my leftovers on my fiance's plate
regret for oversleep 
wash clothes with my own bare hands
disappoint people intentionally 

I never:
let my friends down 
want to have regrets over what i have done
like hypocrites
want to waste time 

what's yours?

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