November 11, 2011

what an ethicless driver!

this four and a half hours journey started from Sg Nibong bus station, Penang.

i sat comfortably as i found my seat. after 2 hours journey, the bus stopped for a couple of minutes for break. i went down n bought some food.
while eating, a bus conductor shouted, alerted us whom heading to shah alam and klang, shift to the bus next to us.

oh god, i have predicted this and i knew this would happen to me. never mind, i stopped eating and packed my karipap for a while.

i stepped in the other bus and took an empty seat near a girl. continued eating. grab my earphone, plugged it in to my android and listened to fm radio. but couldn't enjoy the songs clearly as there was fluctuating frequency along the way.

i fell asleep effortlessly.

suddenly i visualized myself trapped in a glass box fit my body. cigarette smoke spreading inside n surrounded me from nowhere. i couldn't breath right. seeking some oxygen. i saw myself kicking the glass box.
my hand pushed, knocked and tried to smash the box hardly.
when i opened my eyes, there was actually real cigarette smoke flew by. very strong stink smell. this is real bother. i sneaked around figuring out where the heck it came from. oh my, there was the driver! the driver was smoking happily!

only god knows how mad i am at that moment. the worst part was, a clear plate sign was well hung right above the bus entrance mentioning "NO SMOKING". labelled with a photo of that stick with a red slash. like no parking label. 

is it okay to smoke? 
you were pleasingly present that attitude which also reflect the personality of other drivers. how come? you didn't alert the sign, did you? or, you didn't know what the sign try to convey? oh well, could be!
what really disappointing is, where is the ethic?

perhaps in your mind, the smoke couldn't get to us as that small window on your right side was widely opened. perhaps in your thought, the smoke flew away just like that. no man! i don't think so. fyi, the smoke  could still flew in even you blow your lungs out of the window. 
maybe you didn't realize it. or, maybe u just ignored it. 

you are such a selfish!

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