September 17, 2011

Rubik's cube: 3x3x3 is fundamental

yeay.. as i promised.. 
this 3x3x3 Rubik's cube is the most fundamental shape u should ever have, if u would like to learn on how to solve it la. 
people mostly thought that 2x2x2 is the fundamental. actually it is NOT 2x2x2 Rubik's cube that u should have even though it is apparently, small, less cubes and kinda simple at first sight. no. 
in fact, it is even harder to solve if u don't master the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube. 

i will upload more on how to solve Rubik's cube in my next post. there are various shapes and sizes i possess right now and i am eagerly love to share it with y'all.
this video is only a teaser. if u do like it, u can either click LIKE button i promise to update and make the tutorials on how to solve the Rubik's cube for ya :)
or u can just leave a couple of words perhaps? 

actually there are many different methods for solving the Rubik's cube. it depends on how the player view the Rubik's cube, how they hold the cube (lefthanded or righthanded), how they use or apply the solving techniques based on their most easy ways/undertandings. 

u must first settle the base layer. the method i currently use is go for the cross sign first and fill the base color up. 

as for mine, i used to refer to youtube tutorials, and keep trying. kadang tu bebal nk mam so i refer to my fiance as he is brilliant than me. :) 

there's also a keyword of all sides to be remembered. please don't fret. it is very simple and u would depend on these keywords in order to solve the Rubik's cube. 
here they are:
F = front face
B = back face
R =right face
L= left face
U = up face
D =down face

believe me i tried to convert this keyword in bahasa melayu but i figured they reflect duplicate meanings and tak kena la maksud dia. u see la, 
A = atas
B = bawah
K = kiri
K = kanan
D = depan
B = belakang

see there are two same letters, and if i still use this it would be difficult to catch up and confusing. the standard/universal codes are better i suppose. 

there's one more, u should also understand this sign: ' 
' means prime. if u see this sign, it ask u to turn your Rubik's cube counter clockwise. 
if not, u must turn your Rubik's cube clockwise lah.
say, L'FR'
what u have to do is, turn left counter clockwise, then front clockwise, and turn right counter clockwise. simple ain't? 

okay thats it for now. do me a favor please? once u read thru my post, kindly buzz me. 

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