August 4, 2011

miss sahur with family

Hello guys! May all of you have a pleasant fasting! How was ur days in Ramadhan went so far? Where u at this time? Is it with ur family, doing tarawikh together? (it must be so awesome n calm being close with sibby n parents, ain’t?) or far from home studying abroad? I’m glad to say that I am right now far from my family. (glad = seeking strength inside me haha).

I still remember the time when I was 10 (or something). Mak woke me up (I was the last sibs so lazy n heavy-butt). Back then, i was having a disorder so called mengada-ngada. Very annoying one. Pity mak, she never give up as she pulled me up from the bed. She pulled me once, n I only made a move. A MOVE. Until it came to the worse, she had to push me until I reached the table. So silly me. and pathetic! Haha (that occurred everyday fyi) 

old story

Now I have to stand by my feet. Not pushing myself like my childhood. In fact, when im here far from home, my intention in sahur at 4-5 am is not that compulsory (its not that im lazy) but I’d prefer to have sahur at 12 am. i'd rather take roti-canai-garing-potong2 with dhal and curry. And ho-ho-ho horlick ais yeah! Enough. I’ll be less hungry during the day instead of having my sahur at 4-5 am. But i still do wake up at 5 to have a glass of plain water n continue sleeping hehe.

That is my routine. However, I must have sahur whenever I am with my family (can’t stand my mom’s cook). The smell of her cook could unbelievably immerse in my dream I could regret if I didn’t take my sahur hahaha. Sometime as simple as nasi goreng. i won't let myself missed it!

With the absence of her i just prefer to sahur mid at night and in the name of distance, that's what i miss. 

how about u? do share with me.

ps : ambil lebih karbohidrat dapat kurangkan bau mulut. peace!

thanks for reading! :)

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